Agri Insurance

Crop Pro gets approval from USDA to provide Federal crop insurance

Crop Pro Insurance, a new managing general agent (MGA) specializing in crop insurance, recently received Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) approval as an MGA for an “A” rated insurance company from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The approval makes Crop Pro Insurance one of only 16 companies in the world eligible to participate in the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

The SRA status is one step in the company’s overall strategic vision to provide risk management solutions for both traditional and emerging agriculture markets.

Chairman of Crop Pro Insurance Billy Rose said, “First and foremost, we are committed to serving the needs of the traditional crop insurance market, At the same time, agriculture is evolving as new technologies come to market and emerging markets are developing. The SRA approval enables Crop Pro Insurance to offer Federal crop insurance, while Crop Pro also creates and provides risk management solutions. These solutions will help growers and agents manage the potential financial risk in using new technologies and participating in these emerging markets.”

Advancing the future of agriculture through tested industry experience
The Crop Pro Insurance team brings extensive experience in both the agriculture industry as a whole and the Federal Crop Insurance Program specifically.

“Crop Pro Insurance may be a new company but we are not new,” said Joe Young, President of Crop Pro Insurance. “We have decades of proven experience in bringing solutions to agents and growers alike.”