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Cattle Insurance by HDFC ERGO Rural Insurance:

The Indian Agriculture Industry is on the brink of another green revolution that makes it more lucrative and profitable, as the total agriculture production in India is likely to double in next ten years that too in an organic way. HDFC ERGO offers Cattle Insurance Policy for protection of Indian rural people from financial loss due to death of their cattle, which is one the most valued possessions of the rural community.

The Policy covers the persons having cows, bullocks or buffaloes of either sex certified as being in sound and perfect health and free from injury or disease by a veterinary doctor / surgeon and who are Members (in groups) of Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Government Organisations, Government Sponsored Organisations and such affinity groups / institutions in rural and social sector.


Death of cattle Covers the cattle insured whilst within a geographical area specified in the policy schedule, in case of loss of life accident or diseases contracted or surgical operation. The policy also covers death of cattle which are the subject matter of insurance occurring outside the said geographical area in the event of drought, epidemics and other natural calamities.

Optional Benefits-

Permanent disability Cover Covers the risk of permanent and total disablement of cattle.

Please note that all benefits are subject to a maximum amount as stated in the policy. These will be clearly noted in any quotation released or any policy issued.


The premium payable on the policy would be dependent on the benefits purchased.

The policy does not cover the following-

1. Malicious or wilful misconduct or neglect, over loading, unskilled treatment.

2. Use of animal for purpose other than stated in the proposal form without the consent of the Company in writing.

3. Intentional acts or gross negligence.

4. Failure to prevent death of cattle.

5. Accidents occurred or diseases contracted prior to commencement of risk. Disease contracted within 15 days from commencement of policy period.

6. Transit by air or sea.

7. Intentional slaughter. Slaughter unless it has been directed by a veterinary doctor or a proper governmental authority.

8. Theft or clandestine sale.

9. Missing of Insured animal.

10. Acts of terrorism, war, radioactivity and Nuclear perils.

Documents required for purchasing an Insurance Policy-

A duly filled & signed proposal form

Certificate by veterinary doctor in the prescribed form confirming the health status and market value of the animal

Receipt of payment made while purchasing the animal

Photograph of the animal

Claim Process-

Claims shall be assessed and paid on the basis of the relevant documents submitted to the Company. The policy will be considered for payment on production of following documents.

Duly completed claim form.

Death certificate from a qualified veterinary surgeon.

Policy / Certificate.

Ear tag.

Consequential loss

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