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Livestock Insurance by Royal Sundaram

This aims at providing quality insurance packages specially customized for the rural and social sectors - with a vision to be India's 'First Choice' General Insurer.

Royal Sundaram's Livestock Shield protects the farmer from financial loss due to death of livestock, which is one of the most valued possessions of the farming community.

Advantage Livestock Shield
This policy covers the animal against death due to disease or accident (including fire, lightning, flood, cyclone, strike, riot and civil commotion), contracted or occurring during the period of insurance.

Animals that are covered :
Cows, buffaloes, bullocks, camels, sheep, goats, horses, ponies and mules.

Valuation & sum insured :
Identification and valuation will be as per the veterinary certificate and or declaration of the purchase committee. Ear-tags will be supplied by the company.

Benefit limits :
Claims will be settled for the sum insured or market value prior to illness, whichever is less.

Premium :
Livestock Shield offers this cover at an affordable premium of 4% per annum on the sum insured.

Source: Royal Sundaram