Agri Insurance

Cattle Insurance

Livestock-Cattle Insurance by The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

This scheme covers the following whether indigenous, exotic or cross-bred, Milch Cows and Buffaloes, Calves / Heifers, Stud Bulls, Bullocks (Castrated Bulls) and Castrated Male Buffaloes.

- Animals within a specified age group are accepted under the Standard Insurance Scheme.
- Sum Insured under the policy will be the Market Value of the animal.
- Indemnity under the policy will be the sum insured or market value prior to illness whichever is less. The indemnity is limited to 75% of Sum Insured in case of a PTD claim.
- The basic premium rate per annum is 4% of the Sum Insured. Long term policies are also issued with long term discounts.
- The premium rates under the policy are concessional for covering animals under government subsidized schemes.
- Group Discounts are also available.

Insurance Coverage
The policy shall give indemnity for death due to.
- Accident (Inclusive of fire, lightning, flood, inundation, storm, hurricane, earthquake, cyclone, tornado, tempest and famine).
- Diseases contracted or occurring during the period of this policy.
- Surgical Operations.
- Riot and Strike.

The Policy can also be extended to cover PTD on payment of extra premium;
- Permanent Total Disability which, in the case of Milch Cattle result in permanent and total incapacity to conceive or yield milk.
- PTD which in the case of Stud Bulls results in permanent and total incapacity for breeding purpose.
- In case of Bullocks, Calves / Heifers and Castrated male buffaloes results in permanent and total incapacity for the purpose of use mentioned in the proposal form.
Documents to Effect Insurance Coverage
- Proposal Form
- Veterinary Health Certificate from a qualified Veterinarian giving the age, identification marks, health, and market value of the animal in the prescribed format.

Source: The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.