Agri Insurance

Poultry Insurance Policy

1. This is a comprehensive insurance scheme applicable to poultry farms consisting layer birds, broiler birds and parent stock (Hatchery) which are exotic and cross-bred.

2. All birds in a farm should be covered. After issuing policy, if additional birds are introduced in the farm, immediate notice to be given to insurer otherwise claim will be repudiated.

3. The scheme is applicable to poultry farms consisting of minimum number of birds as specified

4. The scheme is available for insuring birds in the following age groups

Broilers1 day to 8 weeks
1 day to 6 weeks
Layersday to 20 weeks
21 weeks to 72 weeks
1 day to 72 weeks
Hatchery Birds (Parent Stock)1 day to 72 weeks

5. The premium rates are applicable on per cent basis which are applicable to the peak value of birds in the applicable categories.

6. The sum insured is the peak value and for broilers is Rs 45 and for layers is Rs 75. There is a week wise valuation table in-built in the policy which is applied for calculating indemnity. In case of parent stock the same is negotiable.

7. The policy is characterized by excess and final indemnity is restricted to 80% (60% in case of Gumboro).

8. The scheme is characterized by No claim discounts as well as good feature discount.

Insurance Coverage
The Policy shall provide indemnity against death of birds due to accident (including fire, lightning, flood, cyclone/ storm/ tempest/ earthquake, strike, riot, act of terrorism) or diseases contracted or occurring during the period of insurance subject to the exclusions.

How to Effect Insurance?
- Proposal Form
- Veterinary Health Certificate from a qualified Veterinarian
- All birds in the farm should be covered.
- Farm should follow standard package of practices, vaccination schedule, deforming.
- Farm should maintain essential records as per insurer’s specifications.

Source: New India Assurance Co. Ltd.