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Crop Insurance- Apple-Insurance by AIC


Apple is commercially the most important temperate fruit and is fourth among the most widely produced fruits in the world. About 99 percent of India’s apple area falls under North Western Hills Region, covering 6 districts of Jammu & Kashmir, 6 districts of Himachal Pradesh and 8 districts of Uttrakhand.

The geographical & climatic conditions of Uttrakhand are suitable for apple production. But adverse weather conditions like inadequate Chilling Units Accumulation, Temperature Fluctuation, Inadequate Rainfall and Hail storms during flowering & fruit development many a times hamper the productivity of apples leading to financial insecurity among the apple growers of Uttrakhand.

Considering the urgent need for providing appropriate risk mitigation tool in terms of insurance scheme for apple crop, Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited (AIC) has designed in collaboration with Uttrakhand State government the SEB BIMA YOJANA for the Apple growers and producers in Uttarakhand, whose produce/ yields are likely to be affected by the adverse weather conditions.

The product shall be offered for Apple growers and producers in specific geographic locations with adequate infrastructure and facilities to grow the crop. Initially the product shall be available in specific apple growing areas of Uttrakhand identified by State Government.

Scope of cover:

The policy is based on weather index and shall indemnify the insured against the likelihood of diminished crop output/ yield resulting from
(i) inadequate winter chill units accumulation and/ or

(ii) temperature fluctuations above and below the trigger levels during flowering and / or

(iii) deficit in aggregate rainfall during fruit development with respect to a specific weather station within a specific geographical location and specific time period.

The weather index cover is supplemented by Hail loss cover on individual orchard basis.

Sum Insured:

Aggregate sum insured under this policy shall be Rs. 500 per tree for the age group of 5 – 14 years and Rs. 1000 per tree for the age group of 15 - 50 years.