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Tea Board Revises Crop Insurance Scheme

Proposes to roll out for small tea growers, the Tea Board has relaxed some of the terms in the crop insurance scheme. This follows the near total lack of response to the expressions of interest (EoI) bid that was floated in November, 2016.

The production from this sector is estimated at 422.5 million kg, out of a total tea crop of 1,239.2 million kg in 2017. The share is rising as the 2016 production stood at 409.2 million kg against a total output of 1,208.6 million kg.

Initially, a pilot would be run in three districts in Assam, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu for one crop-cycle spread over two years commencing 2016-17. This is part of the Commerce Ministry Scheme for tea, coffee (Robusta and Arabica), rubber and cardamom (small and big) for small growers.

The cost is to be shared among the Centre, the state governments and the growers in the ratio of 75:15:10. However, the growers would have to pick up the state government’s tab in case the government declines to contribute its share. Large growers can also join the scheme, but they will have to pay the entire insurance premium.

The scheme for tea – Revenue Insurance Scheme for Plantation Sector for Tea — aims to protect growers from the twin risks of weather and prices arising from yield loss due to adverse weather parameters, pest attacks or any reason beyond human control.