Agri Insurance

Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS)

To mitigate the hardship of the insured farmers against the likelihood of financial loss on account of anticipated crop loss resulting from weather conditions including fluctuation in rainfall, temperature, wind, humidity etc. is the aim of the Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS). WBCIS uses weather parameters as “proxy‟ for crop yields in compensating the cultivators for deemed crop losses.

Crops Coverage i. Major Food crops (Cereals, Millets & Pulses) & Oilseeds
ii. Commercial / Horticultural crops
Farmers Covered All farmers including sharecroppers and tenant farmers growing the notified crops in the notified areas are eligible for coverage.

However, farmers should have insurable interest on the insured crop. The nonloanee farmers are required to submit necessary documentary evidence of land records and / or applicable contract / agreements details (in case of sharecroppers / tenant farmers).

All farmers availing Seasonal Agricultural Operations (SAO) loans from Financial Institutions means loanee farmers for the crop(s) notified are covered on compulsory basis.
Risk Period or Insurance PeriodRisk period would ideally be from sowing period to maturity of the crop.

Risk period depending on the duration of the crop and weather parameters chosen, could vary with individual crop and reference unit area and would be notified by SLCCCI before the commencement of risk period.
Review of the SchemeThe Scheme would be reviewed periodically and necessary modifications / improvements would be considered.

State Governments / UT may ensure that products provide comprehensive insurance coverage to the farmers on sound insurance principles and provide the best value for the premium. State Government may also review the progress of scheme periodically and undertake impact assessment after the completion of each season and send their suggestion / recommendations to this Department for making further improvements in the scheme.
Source: ICICI Lombard